We are dreamers, explorers and experience seekers feeding our souls with the food, culture and lifestyles of the world

In these ever changing times, we have an intimate knowledge and insight into the countries that are welcoming visitors. Our motto is there is no substitute for experiences that enhance our understanding and to provide you with the highest level of service. Since our founding in 2016 we have collectively traveled to 6 continents and over 50 countries!

At Mindful Journeys we are here to inspire and guide every step of the way creating an experience tailored to your specific needs. We understand that every traveler’s quest is a desire to find their perfect experience; a once-in-a-lifetime journey and the memories that are created along the way.

We treat your trip as our own. We are invested, excited, and travel vicariously! Through the duration of your trip.

Travel is visceral, experiential, and life changing. You will feel the enthusiasm from the start of our conversations until your return home.

We anxiously await to hear all about your adventures during a final meeting after your journey. We love to hear your stories, relive your memories, and feel your excitement – in hopes we will travel again together.


Now is the time to see the world without the crowds

The world of travel is changing and the simplicity of booking an itinerary is a thing of the past. In this time of uncertainty, the benefits of securing your travels through Mindful Journeys is more valuable than ever. We work with you as a full-service licensed and insured travel business.

Over the years, we have built travel partnerships and accumulated priceless knowledge that allow us to obtain the most current updates, know the fine print, and with our unique leverage, to ensure your safety and assurance.


Our passion for travel translates into the services we provide

We source exotic destinations, exceptional properties, culinary masters and wellness experts to create unique experiences and lasting memories. We are also able to extend exclusive amenities such as unpublished rates and availability, room upgrades upon arrival, breakfast daily, and property credits that are not available to the general public.

Curated Experiences

Each itinerary is designed and personalized to suit your specific travel style, ensuring optimum comfort and enjoyment. Our itineraries are never duplicated, which translates to an original and unique trip.

COVID Travel Knowledge

Freedom of movement throughout the world is constantly changing. Our global connections allow us to be in the know at all times, from travel restrictions to hotel operations and openings. We can confidently guide you through country specific requirements including testing protocols and necessary documentation.

Aviation & Private Transfers

Our dedicated Air Desk delivers the best selection of Commercial flights available to your destination. Alternatively, we work with brokers that are able to source any type of plane for your private aviation needs. To further enhance your experience, private helicopter transfers provide the “wow” factor for your next adventure.

Destination Experts

Discover the world differently. We passionately provide our clients with experiences dedicated to cultural immersion and authentic interactions. Our locally established relationships allow you to explore with a true connection to the locale.

Property Sourcing

We understand the importance of your immediate environment. Enjoy VIP access to the best hotels, homes, private islands, boat charters and estates around the world.

Concierge Services

The details are what make the trip. Allow us to manage your transfers, dinner reservations, daily activities, special events, anything you desire is at our fingertips. Our Concierge team will ensure an effortless experience.


Allow us to be your guide navigating through the constant changes in the travel world

We work closely with you and your family to conceptualize, manage, and execute experiences curated through our established global connections to foster a long lasting partnership.


Initial Introduction – help us gather a sense of what’s important to you, what experiences you are looking for, and how we can best serve you

Itinerary Creation & Flight Sourcing – presentation of your personal itinerary

Planning for Departure – a final meeting to review all the details of your trip

Personalized Travel App a private travel app is created for each traveler

24/7 Coverage – we will be with you as you may need us while you are away

Trip Follow Up – share your experience upon your return