We are dreamers, explorers, and adventure seekers using our knowledge to curate exceptional travel experiences through the world's food, culture, and lifestyles

Mindful Journeys is a modern-day agency for globetrotting families and purpose-driven travelers. We passionately strive to go above and beyond what you have come to expect from a traditional travel advisor.

We deliver unique and bespoke travel experiences for a sophisticated audience. We plan and book exceptional itineraries tailored to your passions with access to ultra-local experiences.

We pride ourselves as a preferred partner with the world’s best hotels and resorts, tour operators, and destination companies providing you with seamless, luxurious arrangements. Our contacts are often the owners and chief executives, ensuring a voice at the top. Our partners have been curated to be aligned with our belief in respecting the environment, local culture, and economy to provide you with meaningful and authentic lifelong memories.


The world is ready for you to explore

As movement in the world returns, the world of travel is ever changing, and having an expert in the industry to lead the way is more valuable than ever.

We have a pulse on how each country is moving forward and can use our wide network of connections, curated destination content and our innovative digital travel tools, including our App, to crate ease and elevate your experience throughout your journey.


Our knowledge gives us the ability to plan and execute a seamless journey effectively

We source exotic destinations, exceptional properties, culinary masters and local experts to create unique experiences and lasting memories. We can also extend exclusive amenities for our clients all over the world.

Destination Experts

Discover the world differently. We passionately provide our clients with experiences dedicated to cultural immersion and authentic interactions. Our locally established relationships allow you to explore with a genuine connection to the locale.

Curated Experiences

Each itinerary is designed and personalized to suit your specific travel style, ensuring optimum comfort and enjoyment. Our itineraries are never duplicated, translating to an original and unique trip.

Property Sourcing

We understand the importance of your immediate environment. Enjoy VIP access to the best 5* hotels, villas, private islands, boat charters and estates worldwide.

White Glove Service

The details are what make the trip. We plan and book everything so you can relax and enjoy – inclusive of transfers, dining reservations, daily activities, special events – anything you desire is at our fingertips. Our Concierge team will ensure an effortless experience.