the heartbeat of Mindful Journeys Luxury Travel

In our quest to bring you unparalleled travel experiences, we are continuously journeying across the globe. We have an intimate understanding and profound insight into a myriad of destinations.

Our guiding principle is simple: to offer experiences that enrich understanding and deliver service that exceeds expectations. Since our inception in 2016, our collective adventures have spanned six continents and over 60 countries. Each journey has not only added knowledge but has also deepened our passion for exploration and discovery.

Our commitment is to share this wealth of experience with you, guiding you to see the world through a refreshed lens and to create memories that will last a lifetime. We firmly believe in the value of firsthand experiences – they are the stories we live.



Travel planning wasn’t something that I aspired to do, it was something that was calling me. I was born with wanderlust, always looks for the next adventure: road trip, weekend getaway or international travel.

I had been planning travel for my friends and family my entire life – just for fun.

There came a time in my life I was looking for something to really feed my soul. I saw this as an opportunity to use my skills, knowledge and connections to expand the horizons of others.

Travel is more than just a business to me, it is my way to travel the world continuously through the trips I create for my wonderful clients.



For us, travel is life.

In 2008, a trip to Costa Rica inspired an epic journey. Taking a leap of faith we left the Western world we knew for a 26 month sabbatical together around the world.

Life changing adventures and unforgettable experiences ignited a passion within us we feel compelled to share with others.

We understand how truly life changing exploring the world can be and what it takes to ensure that time is maximized to its fullest potential.   

Forever inspired to continue living our dream, we travel a minimum of 4-5 months per year, absorbing the magic the world has to offer.